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This web page and this gah named Dusty Bootsworth are centered around the topics of health and of science, and of health and of science enthusiasm. No one has to be smart to love neat things; love just requires at least a vague interest; health and science is not just for science and health professionals. Definition of the word professional: a person or organization that is paid for the services of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Wow, that is hard and sounds pretty serious.

The desired format or formats at least initially for this page will be delivery of content by way of streaming MP3, written articles, and some times but not always with some videography, and maybe some photojournalism. The method of delivery via these formats will be music, comedy, and logos, but not always in that order according to the demands of the audience, or just because I say so. Logos is part of what is called the rhetorical triangle, which consists of pathos, logos, and ethos; or to gain your attention with pain to a perceived critical issue, to explain logical steps piece by piece of how this critical issue has come to light, and to suggest to the audience, you, a, or the solution; this triangle is kind of an annoying pest some times.

Logos for those whom do not know is otherwise known as the bulk of any story where events of a story unfold. The guy that wrote and planned this page and this very very pretty sentence Jeremy Dinovo program director of Dustybootsworth.com, in second person perspective because he cannot afford to pay anyone to write this, would like to continue on the path of producing motion picture documentary and of making -- AND of appropriately saving -- the money and of paying his bills, if they are actually his, because hopefully the FUTURE is and always will be as necessary relevant.

This page and its' proprietors do not wish to suggest solutions as this page is a guide and not the actual guy that authored it. Yes, you are reading to, through, and from a thing of computer science, and this is not a real person, even though this was typed by a real person. Please turn back now and return to your regularly or irregularly scheduled dating site.

Dustybootsworth.com and content on it is not trying to impress you, really. No, really, for those of you whom did not read the first time I wrote the word really, really. This site aims at the goal of 95% entertainment and of 5% education and employs neither the interest nor the ability yet to measure this, but this is a simple enough idea to maintain. There are many reasons for this and you can probably figure them out for yourself, but you are always welcome to ask. That is what the Contact Us page is for.

If you would like to know what Jeremy Dinovo has done in the past, what deliverables and what services he currently, currently, currently offers (that was the text version of echo sound effects), then spend some of your precious time and click around for a while, but not for too long! The internet is not a bad place and is alright, but it is not the only place; it is only a smoke and a mirror of the mind. Go and find food for what it is worth.
  Photography or authored works shown on this site if not expressly marked with trademark or copyright mark is content that belongs to its respective sole proprietors and is not necessarily the content authored by Jeremy M. Dinovo, or administrative staff and producers of content at dustybootsworth.com or of dustybootsworth.com web site or organization.