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motion picture production


audio and music production

knows a thing or two about musical instruments

basic computer repair


(ask me anything,
I'm serious,
so long as it is legit)

plenty of other needs met:
not listed here, yet!

But you may make a

Suggestion at any time!

What can Jeremy do for me?
The Mighty Tether movie documentary (C) 2006

web site


(mightytethermovie.com is managed by Jeremy M. Dinovo)

American Paranormal Investigations movie documentary (C) 2006

(no web site for the movie yet as it is still receiving updates,
sorry, however ... )

organization web site


(the above link leads to a 3rd party web site that is not affiliated with dustybootsworth.com and you will be leaving dustybootsworth.com)

Declaration of other not as publicized productions

I, Jeremy M. Dinovo have worked on lots of neat stuff, but for now, this is all I am able to promote, until I piece it all together!

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