Hi everyone,

and thanks for tuning in to dustybootsworth.com your source for martian eggs and tin foil hats. Okay, I just used that, because I know some people think I am a crack pot. Well, if you or someone you know that can read are reading this you are right.

Just want to say thanks for waiting for me to get this blog up, which will be the delivery platform for the moment for variety sessions, for those of you whom do not yet know or failed to read the About section of dustybootsworth.com ( read at the link ). Now I can direct my attention to mastering audio — aside from the hoards of other action items I need to direct my attention to — in order to post some audio interviews and other odds and ends where I roll the dice and hope you are somewhat interested in, with a little bit of research and testing beforehand of course, but not too much of that, unless you are bored.

I decided not to include a deadline for any of my work, but more of a I hope to get it done by time, because a. I am not being paid money for this, and b. confucius say, “screw you” (insert imaginary link to Carly Simon’s song You’re So Vane, play ten times really freaking loudly and call me in the morning). I am sure that felt good for a second or so. My main goal is to live and to make proof that I was here; you can only call someone “the man”, or “the boss”, or “teacher”, or whatever you want to call someone you respect if you have seen her or him in person, not just from some bloated and remotely controlled web site. I hope to balance both.

I must be short in this message, because I have lots of things to squeeze into my day; converting brainpower into assets under fire can be a challenge, which requires good old-fashioned time. I think time has been a very good employee and deserves a payraise; it always does such a good job. I pretty much have a well thought out plan for this site as to content, theme, and how to keep things interesting. I just cannot do it all at once, so until next time, I will do what I can. I actually do have a few Interviews I will upload via MP3 (at 64kbps, streaming rate), and have written plenty; again I just don’t get paid for this, yet pay money out of my own pocket to keep this showboat running, so I do what I do, and if it is worth it, or if someone else is Listening while I talk to Whomsoever is listening, be that me, or me + 1, then these sails shall sail on to… (echo, echo, echo, echo!) …


jeremy m. dinovo
program director, dustybootsworth.com


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