‘Very busy with work. But thanks for checking in with me. :)’

The above sentence represents about the most generic form of short and emotionless response I seem to mechanically get from most people that do not plan to write me back and gave no heed to anything I ever said or did, so here is a reflection on this. It will be in block form and not really scholastically organized, because I really did return to a warm home and bed only last night after this true incident and really do need to relax. And also this is for some kind of reading material or content that I recently generated to let audience of dustybootsworth know I still intend to post content with normalcy, with regularity, with frequency, with tee hee hee:

I can understand. I went to work Sunday a.m., and car latches froze shut, and I worked about 4 hours straight in the cold trying to get them opened. Turns out if you are at least semi-handy and are freezing your tail off while trying, then actual handy people will come in droves to help you. On day two where it was publicly known that Jeremy’s car doors were frozen shut somehow, anyway day two, Someone actually did some crazy stuff and finally got my car door opened, so I didn’t have to spend $100+ on a tow truck (that was the estimated cost even with the insurance company’s limited cost-per-mile coverage); it is nice to be liked. I just got home last night. You are welcome; life gets well hectic is such a desensitizing word, and even the word chaotic does not do life justice, out of sync would describe it best logically, but the key is to carefully remember that and not to crash and to remember where your original track is and to remember where and your best why of why you started. That is a bit to stomach, but origins of heart keep a person strongest. I have today (Tuesday) through Thursday off from dayjob — (reckons) dang I ‘HATE’ to say the word ‘off’ to describe my personal time as available… what am I a robot? can I just say available? yes, I just said it, or maybe open is more like it; starts with the same letter — so I am relieved, compared to sleeping in and on top of and under just what I packed for every day, on a cushionless floor. In which case, I am an expert and luxurious packer of all very handy, safe, and comforting things portable, so while on the hard floor of my friend’s house when I had to stay out of town overnight I was OK and showed up just fine for dayjob the next day; bookbags can make somewhat okay pillows after you carry them around all day. It is most good to have friends you can count on that don’t take a crap on you later and give up on you when you need them most. And you don’t need superficial people in life that all they think about is money or what a human life is worth in monetary value, because once you sell your soul… anyway I am glad I made all of the choices / friends, rather than just the money (a bi-product of friends or the illusion thereof) and that it has kept me alive. Thanks for writing a hello back [(reckons) but no thanks for not even trying to say a piece even the smallest piece about yourself after your absence from response to the past few unanswered days I wrote nothing but succinct and diplomatic re-requests for response and the briefest of well-wishes in your stead]. That and thanks and sorry are like the easiest things to say and in a jiff or on a tight time budget [(reckons) you emotionless cog]. I try to be there when people need me, and not only when I need them. Infact (I know that infact is actually spelled as two words, but who has the typewriter here eh?) I challenge others after they say thank-you to me for my help, by me saying Anytime, you are welcome anytime, to see who develops a more flexible and fruitful perspective by knowing that 24/7 a person can patch through to whatever channel I have, voicemail, written, whatever, and even if it takes me a moment I will try to help, just like I said I would, anytime. As in did you think for an instant to call me? Did you doubt it would be a fair time to call me? Well apply my anytime formula: look at the clock, pick up your phone, and it is time to call. Why? Because this call will not offend me, because I actually requested it! Hey! Wow! How novel!? Whereas most people think it is rude to do what is natural. I remember in 1980’s and 90’s films the main hero would use the line, “Can you help me?” openly and like a cold call to passersby. You don’t see that behavior anymore. I think if you talk and listen enough, you can do the world some good, even if it seems they are not listening; well if the world is still talking, even if it takes a while to synchronize, and if by the next many times it gets better and notably new responses develop, then the evidence is clear that world must still like you and it wants you to hang around to talk about the news some more and to identify with it’s essence, it’s being, the being we all share by being here; being is so dumb that being is smart. Hey cool I just wrote an article for you heh You say checking in, which is kind of you, because I found a way of thinking about how people live in and make boxes (checkboxes), but little do people realize the importance of the checkmarks too, like to call someone in followup, or to have the tact to deliver based on a one-time promise and to CONTINUE to deliver this promise as a gesture of honor. Well I could tell you more about it, but I will leave it a mystery for now, so you may possibly use your imagination to fill in the blanks. I work in sales, can you tell? Don’t go home before you get there, which means to be present at all times. I am pretty careful with the word busy heh as to me it can mean certifiably insane, mentally dysfunctional, mentally disturbed… it really is a very suspicious word when not used carefully and objectively, rather than as a subjective filler. Ah crap I just read that last sentence. I had better chill before I go into full-on dictionary mode… you may need to call the local library for directory assistance at that point. Have a warm, safe, and fun day. By the way you never really did tell me your name, as that is a key developmental step in any form of friendship… and we have been chatting [(reckons) NOT really chatting so much as pretending to have a conversation and then clicking send] for a couple, or three days now; the word relationship these days is tossed around and is kinda sticky, but friendship has always been friendship. My name is jeremy, and I don’t talk this much on the phone or anything; I just love to write and to meditate on words and in new meanings, and I am firm about people’s schedules, so whenever that phone number of yours is available let me know ok [(reckons this all too common and initially frustrating point of research) oh c’mon, you are an IDIOT if you don’t send me even a hello phone call, because any sensible person with even a trace of a pulse would realize what an opportunity it would be to speak with someone that has a working brain]? I promise to be always moderate and always open; even though I work [I won’t even talk about this word here] 1st and 2nd shift I will take a call in the middle of the night for a friend in need of a keen pair of ears, yes, right then and right there, until that person feels better or has a laugh or two more. Again, have a day! Thanks for letting me muck up your computer screen with my yammering!

by Jeremy M. Dinovo

P.S. to those that write only to run away from relationships, rather than to develop them responsibly from start to transformation, I am sick of your short and tasteless responses. I seriously went outside and started to chew on my car tires just to try to work that out of my mouth, so I can enjoy eating once again without the crap memento you have left behind. To everyone else, we are not alone.

If you read this far then I found a couple of winter tips that seem useful and occurred to more than one person I spoke with:

door jambs or the rubber area between the body of your car and the metal of the door may freeze completely shut. One suggestion I hear of how to combat this is to keep car door jambs from freezing shut use petroleum jelly or WD-40 if you don’t have any petroleum jelly on the rubber part.


latches or the jaw-like area where the door grips closed may stick, because of maybe moisture build-up from the night before say if it rained or there was precipitation or melted snow or ice on the car just quickly before it froze up again on those parts, or because they are old. I hear WD-40 if sprayed in that area and moving that area around a bit then can loosen, and most importantly, remove moisture from these sticking parts.


latches that stick really suck. So if necessary, disclaimer again you are responsible for your own property and decisions, beyond spraying with WD-40, just leave the window open enough for you to get your arm through, and use a tarp over the open area maybe the same color as the Vehicle if you want it to blend to keep precipitation outside and off of your seats, and don’t leave anything valuable in your vehicle… afterall it is a carriage, not your freakin’ luggage. Okay maybe I was harsh and unforgiving, and so is winter.


the lock cylinder and mechanism itself may have water or ice inside of it. You can try the lock de-icer, and again disclaimer same as above I hear that you can use a butane lighter that is wind-resistant to heat up your key just hot enough to turn in the keyhole gingerly, but repeatedly until any suspect ice in the lock frees itself. I hear that WD-40 also works for this, since it dispels moisture, which you can probably find if you do a video search for “car doors frozen” or something like that.

and to simplify:

if you have a car garage where your Vehicle can warm up, then call the insurance company or directly call the tow truck, and set your car in that garage where it is warmer than the freezing temperature, especially not in a windy area, where the wind adds to the frosty chill. And forget all of this tech crap and have a nice day. And no that was not an ICE PUN.


do not use antifreeze anywhere on your car, unless you know what you are doing, because I hear it destroys the paint as well as soft or plastic parts, and in which case I also had to hear someone say if I did use antifreeze in an area, to spray and to dilute that area repeatedly, with water, so that concentrated antifreeze does not damage or deteriorate anything.

At this point I really must say, don’t be frozen at the door, or you will be stuck on the floor. Sorry about the length of this article. I am as joke as a broke.

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