“Lol I never got to really experience the internet and now it seems dead. It’s not what it was years ago and I wish I would have gotten to see it. Maybe if I had, I’d be more open to using computers lmfao. My teachers outta be thankful I even type my papers and that’s pushing it for me.”

(the above phrase borrowed with express permission of its’ unnamed author)

the internet was a cool place. My favorite thing to do was to get on an open chatroom with at least 50 or less people in it, that are all having their own sidebar conversations in this big rush of scrolling-upward text, and then get everyone’s attention by bashing the ones leading the conversations and meet people eventually privately that way and make longtime friends. Used to be that way, and no need to put your real name in there, but come wearing whatever screenname you wanted to to the party.

now Facebook and messageboards posing as places you can “meet and hang out with your ‘friends'” have forced people’s perception of the internet into pretty much highschool, and long story short corporations owning and forcing strict controls on everything from your email address to your privacy — “HERE IS MY REAL NAME, HERE IS MY STATUS QUO IDENTITY YOU HAVE CAUGHT ME” — really crushed that. But I can still find my ways to work around things and try and get a similar experience; that’s been a lifelong pastime for me really.

Want to get that experience again? Correspondence, continuity, yes with discipline to continue a conversation where it left off is really the key. That’s why I decided I would make my own pre-recorded audio interview program, partly because it appeals (and entices) people to come into the spotlight of being on their friend’s own personal web site, and also you get to learn a thing or two, and you can do it at your own pace… it is pretty much being on the radio. I like the world of dialogue, since the power of suggestion is ultimate, and if you say a word then a concept (hopefully) pops up in someone’s head. What youtuber’s don’t know is that although a picture is worth a thousand words, a word is worth a thousand pictures, all ones that you can stare at much, much faster than the human eye can blink.

Sure a good movie can take over and give you a nice vacation from critical thinking, and let a person let go of it all for a while, but conversation is way overlooked for what it really is, a bridge into someone else’s world, connecting to several.

You like that concept about a word is worth a thousand pictures? Ok.
That’ll be $5.00 for that copy please.

laugh out loudly, just kidding that was a freebie ;- ) 😛

That’s another thing about this new internet that really pisses me off… I don’t want a freaking emoticon you jerks. I want the text representation of the facial emotions that I worked so hard to type… Do I have a choice anymore?

I knew I had to write ya back as soon as I could. I’ve been in between healing and restoring my biorhythm since I had to have some work done, and finally catching up on correspondence with people that actually seem to care that I write them. I been toying around with a poster idea for MacGuyver that says:

missed e-mails: 0, missed calls: 0, missed MacGuyver: 0

But, I’m not sure yet… just to make a point about his show as a great course on how to properly correspond and to never forget to keep your friends.

I just been taking it slow though, and keeping my technology use at a minimum. I’m tired of talking through computers for friendship. I don’t mind it as a correspondence medium, but I am trying to rebuild my base of real live friends again, as I’ve had to lose touch or at least real bio rhythm with friends I was trying to build a life with, like at places I used to live, go to school, or work — or spend money at, when I actually didn’t have armani tux wearing and cigar smoking thieves in my pockets.

And it has not changed since the actual internet I’ve been thinking of things I haven’t been able to share with anyone else, because not many people are available or interested to gab at all, which I love to do… like my cardboard sign that says, ‘Job interviews = waste. Internet broken, Hire me.’

It seems that not even roommates or family members are very interested in what I have to offer to the conscientious palette, that most passersby in this daily status quo game we shield our true selves from are plainly disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested, disinterested….  huh? What was I talking about?
Usually the daily passerby diverts away and changes the already interesting and building topic, which tells my confidence level to be less of an interesting person, because the payoff will not be as great if I really even remotely tried.

I been feeling very dull lately because of that scarcity.

Just wanted to say that, really. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends, unless you wanna be a jerk then fine.

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