“I CAN’T.”

You never TRIED, did you?


You never LEARNED, did you?


You never GREW, did you?


TELL me about it then, so that I can try and learn to grow through your leadership, because I can’t yet…

yep. You have guessed it — original quote by Jeremy Dinovo … just ask. YOU CAN.

but I can’t afford it.

You know the word ford actually means a small stream of water that people cross with their feet or something like that… I have not looked in a while. Doesn’t it remind you of that familiar jingle, “Have you driven a Ford, lately?” Maybe there is a fundamental reason I also have not heard that jingle in quite a while, because if people really thought of what they could afford versus what they are really forking over out of pocket and out of toxic contract, then we might just resume to develop that good ole’ conscience. If you can dip any part of your self in water you can afford what you are thinking of. What you cannot afford is to allow your negative imagination to tear you apart for the rest of your life with no payoff from cowering in fear.

I don’t even think that a person needs business savvy, preordained talent, a big bank account, so much as he or she or individual needs to plain and simple CARE about and ‘practice’ caring about what he or she cares about. I even consider if I don’t afford to pick up a guitar to practice it that if I at least look at it as closely as possible and for as long as is possible I will have improved on it in some tangible way each time I touched it with my thoughts. I have many friends who would make great professional business owners, if only the practice would be there for their passions. So is cannot truly a forced will not?

That is the mentality or effect that a slightly more authoritarian society will leave its’ citizens with: oh, I can’t do that, because I am not as good as ______ fill in the blank. That idea is SLAMMED and DRIVEN and FORCED into the minds in this type of society. But nature, survival instinct, and natural selection (if that applies) usually works its’ way out in the form of brilliant people (you, me, anybody who does not buy bull shit for breakfast). And buying the right breakfast is really saying a lot.

And let’s drop this I don’t understand nonsense. You do too understand:
a. it was spoken in a language that you could interpret and create your own meaning for it for yourself; b. you used all of your 5 or so senses to grasp the matter in its’ entirety; and c. do I really need to go to c.? You have enough information to comply! I think that mankind and the beings of this world have been given the wealth of the entirety of the knowledge of the entirety of this universe or whatever you want to call it, but the difference between the dead and the alive is the realization or the active application of pursuit towards this knowledge. I have personally COINED a few quotes by my own observation to serve this very message of justice:

you don’t know til you know.

I know everything, but I just have not tried it yet.

If you lookup the word, til, you would be amazed at what a goldmine is truly written there. I could go on and on about why your cannot or your can’t really is not or isn’t, but then I actually cannot, because how am I? I am. Thanks for asking.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com
and kitten juggler extraordinaire (ok not really. I stole that from a Steve Martin movie, but I work in entertainment, so there then).


I am very interested in ethnography, and hoping I get the chance to do those in my history some real justice by sharing, best representing, and amping up some stories to let stories and origins flourish. Of course one small joke I thought of was after I heard somebody say, “oh we just live in a disposable society, so after something doesn’t work anymore, just throw it away,” and the punchline would be to pick up that person and throw that person in the trash can with legs flailing upward heh heh . That is the nice thing about if once you hear an argument enough times like disposable society, or planned obsolescence, or just phrases you know some “economist” conjured in order to propagandize a campaign, your ears and heart gets sharp to it to cut a new bit and to take a bite.
And I realize for the content I produce and share I cannot guarantee that the comedy will be funny or that the stories will have a point, but I do press on with the standard of always to make something new and never to repeat myself. I am glad I always had a knack for descriptive writing; that has been my microphone and camera over the years. I think people can benefit greatly by speech, as that is an invisible bridge what I call the people bridge, that is constantly built every time someone speaks and every time one person, even the speaker him or her self, listens; it is abridge to a new paradigm, and does not necessarily require a spell check, a page, or glue, as all of that jazz is built-in. Really awesome to catch a line from you in any form, my dear audience. Keep the good stuff coming. The interview is the livelihood, so long as true values are represented, and I think at the bottom of it all they always are, because it takes a heart to live. Thank you very much for trying and understanding. I hope we continue to get the chance to help one another out somehow.

and of course I always say, Please send money and food. No really, send it a. s. a. p. I am about ready to internally combust.


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