So, it is March. What just happened? I lost track since maybe before Thanksgiving. I am rather out of touch with the world itself, but my little world has been filled with audio recording, helping and showing up for others that call me and need my help if it does not break me to do it, I recorded a metal musician recently, have had some successful meetings with artists and musicians and with what I recently termed as screwsicians, which are simply musicians that don’t show up each day they say they are going to. I.e. if one strike of a note is a beat, two beats are a rhythm, and two rhythms are at least a song, and the so-called musician says, ‘Hey meet me at beat number two (!)’ repeatedly, and never shows up at beat number 2, and you are having to always beat the so-called musician’s head in to remind them that beat number 2 is coming up or that they continuously fail to play it, well, that is a screwsician. You are not a musician if you think you are special that you call yourself a musician and yet cannot show up to the gig you say you can honor. It happens more often than you think, so now you have a term, courtesy of Jeremy Dinovo to apply toward this behaviorist, and you are welcome. Screwsicians have a special place in my follow-up list: the do not contact and negatively or do not promote list that I regularly review, to make sure that the careless do not get to work with friends of mine.

Ah, that was a nice way to start a public address. What else is going on in my life? I still record music personally (made some recent stuff on bass guitar, but not yet ready to display as i want to master them nicely first, not in a rush to please the internet or anything), network with artists (if you know how to use craigslist and are an artist or anybody that wants promotion I am more than a web host, but a guy that can refer too, so I usually cruise the personals for Artists, and Creative postings, and who knows, you might find I will contact you to talk about what is the REAL ISSUE, the stuff that you really want to talk about but spoke with senseless and arbitrary people so much you never had the reason to think of it.

I am working on getting my own place to live, as I realize that my projects are reaching a sensitivity that require more isolated control and spatial focus.. eh, it sounded good in my head anyway, not deleting it. Last time I had a place of my own I had a setup for each thing I do: music area, full kitchen, a bed — separate from my own couch, a place to separately play my video games or to watch movies, or hey believe it or not, OPEN-AIR television for what is on that is LOCAL or distinctly local, and actual money for vacations to places that I really did visit, and not just camp out there in my car or on-the-way. Being a peddling artist and portioning my time toward mostly developing my forms have really slowed down my life, in terms of buying people gifts other than just the value of showing up saying I still practice my craft, taking people places, buying people coffee and stuff — all of that took a huge break while I decided for myself how ready I am to do what I do, and also to deal with the twists and turns of life that have said a big fat, “NO” to me even though I should by a majority of well-known standards gotten at least a moderate, “YES” and, “Here is your own place to stay or time for you to save up for it.”

That’s all I have for now, as I have to hoof it back to where I am visiting for the moment. I wanted to add that I am working on things still. And those that know me know what this means. If you don’t know me yet, don’t worry, you don’t have to. This post is only a request, not a treaty.

I promise you audience and friends that my audio will be some of the best audio you have ever heard and well worth your listen. That’s my goal is to keep ON with the quality control, to make sure those compliments keep coming.
by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: beverages and things to eat.

P.S. If you are bored you can always visit. Oh yeah, one of the phrases I’ve been toying around with:

IF SO… think about that one, use it before, during, or after your sentences, wow, IF SO. IF SO, wow, IF SO. Dang, I think I just hurt myself.

SO I want to apologize (I have not apologized yet, so if you see me, I will find a way to apologize) for not writing sooner… it is the general societal way of having empathy for the other lucky ones that get to be rattled around inside of the cages made by some sick monster that has turned society upside down and in opposing directions, along with the winds of time and distortion, that things don’t always cookie-cutter work out. There are still cookies.

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