Geez, this post almost sucked. It almost did not exist. I almost did not spend the quick two minutes in reality to do what I thought in my mind would take forty-five minutes. I was going to call this post Write Something, or Make Something Appear, which were great titles as springboards for me to state the obvious, but then I sharpened those. I started five minutes ago with nothing, and then thought, ‘Hey I have not written anything here for a while, but I am still paying for the space and I still have readers! I need to write something! Hey! That’s a great idea! Write something! That sounds like a great article!

Don’t get stuck thinking you are not good enough or that your rough draft is too rough. It would be more of a final draft than no draft at all. If you think no one will like what you post, then think of the reaction from the people that actually do enjoy the really crappy stuff you post — err, publish, publish, publish, don’t sit on it, publish it, publish… !

That is all I have for now, just as a proof that I still can make a quick here ya go — err, here you are, or here ya go if you think you need to, but don’t go for too long. Short update: I am moving into my own place pretty soon, and will continue more detailed and frequent productions from there on, so am budgeting time, energy, and all of that until the next stage.

Something … From you, to you: write it, express it, take a second and prove to that second or that minute that you can turn an emotion, an expression, a dance you haven’t done in a while, a lazy senseless scribble, many very fun curse words you place on a computer screen before briefly erasing them and walking away again, drumming on a table? C’mon, I cannot think of them all — I just thought of this, and then I tapped it out!

I added web series to the category list for this post, because I continue to draft together pre-production for this also, even though I do not journalize about it specifically.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: ** the continuation of adequately and reasonably more ** good company, long-term, and continuing to accept beverages and things to eat in exchange for anything reasonable or useful that I can continue to offer. It is a long continued story: that is the short version, continued.

If you walk away from this post to remember anything, then just remember:

once you do, then stay for dinner. Always stay for dinner. ; – )

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