This article discusses and cites video references not about the T.V. show Seinfeld, nor about the character featured in his show also known as The Soup Nazi, and not about anybody that “inspired” the character of The Soup Nazi, but just about a man that based on what I have seen looks like he would be above that, that makes real soup, that I have never met.

First, to everyone that reads my articles while waiting for me to upload audio content, which are maybe like 2 or 3 people really, or maybe I am saying that, so you don’t waste my time by hanging around asking dumb questions you already have the answers to… anyway to you people that are hunkering down on this web site content, I want to apologize for any delay in my posting of anything new to this page. If you knew me in person then you are well aware that I have plenty of life tasks to take care of, you know, the ones where you do not have enough information to comply, but yet, “authority” says that you do and that they will cut your balls off if you “do not comply”. This article has nothing to do with that, thankfully, and so I will go right into it now. Not too long ago, at an undetermined time and and an undetermined place, I did some homework and found some videos that look deeper into the actual chef behind the real soup kitchen that is referred to as the “inspiration of the character The Soup Nazi on Seinfeld”. This is written in short bursts, because I need to get back to life and paying the bills, but there is enough to go on, so long as the videos stay up. This is just a shot in the dark with the best I could do, all things considered, really, and in the continued effort to show up and to speak up, understood or not, heard or not, but the words and the energy input did in fact hit the page.

It is terrible how he, Al  is vilified and typecasted with buzz from pop-culture “news” media, but he really looks like to me that he stands his ground, especially telling the “news” reporter off that calling someone a Nazi “is a disgrace to the human race”:


^ there are so many things wrong with the introduction, body (like the loaded questions for one), and the closing of this interview. “He” did not inspire the phrase. The writers of Seinfeld were inspired to write the phrase by the interpretation of him. And in the end, the reporter just did Mr. Al Yeganeh, the soup making person I am talking about, injustice by the tactic of dismissal through a joke, like the interview was only meant as a joke, and not as a promotional piece. Maybe I am wrong about this interview and that most people in America and the world do effectively gather critical or essential information about how to support their livelihood through this form of loaded questions and pop-culture reference, and inferences based upon those. Maybe the relationship between the “news” and Mr. Al Yeganah got better since then about this. I don’t know. Just saying. And by the way one day I would like to TRAVEL to really see how I personally PERSONALLY like this chef’s soup and soup kitchen, to see what the real deal that Mr. Al Yeganah offers, not what pop-culture shoves down our throats, but what Mr. Al Yeganah can dish up, really can do on its own, without the distortions of others in that circle game where one person passes information around, and the final output has nothing to do with, nor is nothing like the original.
then this is just some idiot that went to harass him to attempt to get a rise, but instead makes herself look dumber and dumber versus any professional opinion from the culinary industry:


then this looks like a refresher video that is later on with the guy that played the part of Soup Nazi on the show:


that was all from this search here:


The below are the real captions of each of the pages, respectively:

and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The Real Soup Nazi (No Soup For You Edition)
This isn’t your Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi! This guy is the real deal!

Soup Nazi
The one and only.

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