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While I write this article, you can check out some tunes I already have posted to the internet. Then once I post the article, in its’ completed form, you will see it here at the same URL anyway. How is that for convenience? so you can click the Continue reading link to see what I have at the moment, if you would please.

Latest work: listen to my music, and other Audio Demos. It is a recorded remixed song, but then there is more if you click “Continue reading”.

However, if you are not interested in hearing other cool content tracks I included in this post, then Skip Intro and Play the featured music track.

 jmd remix humpty dumpty travis

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That clip sound good? Check out some more audio demos!



this is one sample of what I have mixed, and though it is not recent it does display my ability (visit the web page if you have time, click the DINONO link):



Interview with Phil from Ohio Speeding Bullets Then here is an interview (over the phone) I did with a friend from Ohio named Phil, directly through my mixer that I recorded directly to MP3 — no, absolutely zero mastering was done to this file, as it was intended to be complete as-is, out of the box:

Play phil from Ohio speeding bullets

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

Interview with Doug LA Traffic
This is another interview with a friend of mine Doug from Las Vegas, and again, same mixing and recording direct:

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)


Our Land Their Land This is a recording I did using my looping pedal that takes each new “phrase” that I record and layers it over the previous. It is a composition I made and performed using bass… it repeats over and over again as that is what loopers do… if you listen through to the end there is a little extra something I put in there since I had a mic hooked up:

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

Jeremy plays the keys Jeremy plays the keys is a composition using a keyboard that I recorded with a microphone and then mastered the really loud parts down that would normally hurt your ears, but then they sound quite pleasant and gritty:

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

Jeremy plays the keys (unmastered) This file is what I recorded without applying any filters, so it sounds like what most of you out there sound like when you are breathing next to what you are recording…

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

Jeremy plays the keys (mastered) This file is what I recorded with applying filters, so turns down the breathing and turns up the intended instrument in the recording…

Play Jeremy plays the keys (mastered)

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

JMD Girl is Mine song remix It is a remix I produced of a Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson song. I play everything in there, just alongside of the main mix that is playing in the beginning, and recorded bass, guitar, vocals, background vocals, chorused vocals, and mixed it:

Play JMD Girl is Mine song remix

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

jmd remix humpty dumpty travis It is a remix I produced of a band named Travis. I play everything in there, recorded bass, guitar, vocals, background vocals, chorused vocals, music keyboard, and mixed it:

Play jmd remix humpty dumpty travis

Download (right click and click Save As or Save Link As MP3)

I have and can mix music files I am given from a recording artist, say if you the musician or person doing a speech does a neat recording, but there are too many loud parts, or you want something that needs to sound louder, but not painfully loud, just a tune that anybody could play and hear Safely and Intelligibly through any output, be that speaker, headphone, or ear buds. Maybe you want to discuss how to make your recording into a song? Talk to me. I will see what I can do for you.

And do notice I am not a music performing artist, so if my music does not fit your tastes, then my goal is to be a producer of music, or one whom handles the concept through to the mastering and then delivery of the finished master. I also can do motion picture production and have other usable talents, too, to be clear about that. Though I am most equipped to do music.

as of 8:12 a.m. ET I am writing this article, so stand by for further updates. I may not crank out all of my demos in a day, so check back, or ask me the next time we cross paths, in whatever form those may be. Ok?

I will write more at a later date, as the present contents of this page are meant just to get things started, and because I need to COMPILE and to MIX my latest content that I can sample, and although everything is organized and easy to find, that still may take some time… the main idea is that for the Public eye I posted this page with at least ONE working AUDIO demo, and that I get to eat and TO sleep, too, at the end of my long work day, just like you should, too. I am sure I will get more done on days I am not attending my dayjob. I am trying to be WISE about my projects and to not let them come before general health, nor before my family, nor before civic and personal relationships. In short, the web site is a great guide, but it is nothing to live by. No thing beats the real deal and of course three or more square meals, and a balanced overall budget of cool and content people across this here my stretch of earth or habitation. I will not set deadlines for content I post here, unless I can divvy up the workload across many trusted resources other than myself, which I do not see that happening anytime soon.

Or write me an E-mail via here. If there is anything

you think I can do to help, please let me know, OK? I am counting on you to tell me these things, while I am still not yet a mind reader.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: ** the continuation of adequately and reasonably more ** good company, long-term, and continuing to accept beverages and things to eat in exchange for anything reasonable or useful that I can continue to offer. It’s a long story. That is the short version.

If you walk away from this post to remember anything, then just remember:

once you do, then stay for dinner. Always stay for dinner. ; – )

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