DBWORTH – OCT 17 2016 – practical audio effects by jeremy

Latest work: dabbling with the famous broadcast technique, the ducking effect

Latest work: listen to my music MIXING SKILL SET! It is a music plus dialogue mix, but then there is more if you click “Continue reading”.

However, if you are not interested in hearing other cool content tracks I included in this post, then Skip Intro and Play the featured music track.

demo of ducking – Effect is ACTIVATED

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On with the sounds…

Sound samples…

This article has one MP3 section: RHETORIC, about a specific issue that I felt needed addressed in the field of AUDIO RECORDING ENGINEERING about unrefined product or service versus refined product or service; and then at the way bottom if you want to read or to skip it there is a section called  TECHNICAL STUFF YOU CAN SKIP.

Topic lists just above each filename


see below for sound samples

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Short description of these works and reason for this posting:

I placed these MP3’s with the play buttons side by side, so you can Pause one and Play the other, to see the audible difference between when the ducking effect is ON versus when the effect is turned OFF.

Ducking is a great separation tool that will switch your audience from a non-paying and disinterested audience to paying you and interested in you. It can be VERY, VERY, VEEEEEERY frustrating for the listener to MISS the very important narration just because of one easy-to-fix audio problem. Please, see these demos to see what I mean. Thanks for reading this short intro.

Demo of the ‘ducking effect’ mix sample:

play each one, side by side, and you will hear a music track first, that includes a voice-over, with and without this effect. Compare. Helpful hint: around 23 seconds are longer sentences of speech. The pauses were intentional to show the volume of the music without vocals. Hint number two: around 1 minute and 4 seconds, you can hear the music is very loud compared to the vocals in the effect De-Activated demo.

demo of ducking – Effect is ACTIVATED

In Activated version, pay close attention to the fact that the Music does not drown out the voice whatsoever.

demo of ducking – Effect is DE-ACTIVATED

In the De-Activated version, note that the music volume level does not turn down at all, which leaves the voice masked behind the music, hard to distinguish between the voice and the music.

If you feel the need to download these for further review, off of the internet, they are also in downloadable file form:

  1. demo of ducking – Effect is ACTIVATED


1.37 MB, Total Run Time: 1:30 s.

(^ click to play in new window, or Right click this text, and press Save As to download)

2. demo of ducking – Effect is DE-ACTIVATED


1.37 MB, Total Run Time: 1:30 s.

(^ click to play in new window, or Right click this text, and press Save As to download)

All of the above were performed by recording artist, mix engineer, audio recordist, Jeremy M. Dinovo

Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved



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If you are interested in audio mastering or how the profession can benefit  you, here is some exposition to help you:

the REASON for this posting is to illustrate the audio of an audio recording engineering effect known as ducking. This effect can be very valuable to the following people: a speaker, radio show or podcast host, an organization that desires a music backing track to a voiceover, voiceover artist, motion picture production artist, a musician that has very loud mix of music versus his or her very quiet vocals, or any person needing clarity by controlling the volume of two or more tracks of audio. The need can be greater than this, but this is a reasonable list of examples where ducking can really provide a reliable benefit.

And if you are still wondering what it is I do among the slough of things that any one of us could possibly also do just the same as I, the answer is simple, I show up. That is exactly what I do. I show up. Did you miss that? I show up. How you choose to correspond to this is entirely your choice. Insert smiley face here : – )

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