DBWORTH – NOV 03 2016 – balancing holiday and production time

Latest work: taking care of the house, car, and attending dayjob while saving up for the holidays.

I want to apologize for any delay in updating this page with new MP3 or video content. At the moment, I plan on returning to gaming by picking up a new console and game this month. I am still developing relationships with artists while balancing home and work (or to us artists, dayjob) life. I still am doing music, even if offline to bounce ideas into a recorder that may never make it to the light of day. Mostly, I am making sure, as I operate at a very low-to-no-budget, as a DIY person, that I can fix my car before winter time (it needs rear brakes installed, and I know how to do it, but it is just a pain in the ass), and that the budget is secured, both the monetary budget and the personal energy-level budget, by improving any part of my health that I am ready for. At the moment I am doing stretches, and trying to get bloodflow and movement to areas that have been more moderately dormant, but not forgotten. My goal is to return to full target heartrate cardio-vascular and calisthenics with weight training workouts, but this will not happen; only the stupid simple stuff will happen, and that is what I have been working on… like a list of stretches that I know works, posted to my livingroom wall to follow to the note.

the REASON for this posting is to add a new posting to update that I have not forgotten about my audience, and that I am taking care of overhead right now, while I still continue to perform offline work. Offline work I am still involved in is short comedy bits, becoming and tracking how to become more assertive, developing that and other practical face-palm life science, and of course, trying to develop relationships with family first, friends second, and business relationships last or concurrently.

Well I gotta go. Just thought I would jot on this spot before getting back to what I gotta do. I hope it doesn’t suck, as I will not read it for the first time probably until much later.

And if you are still wondering what it is I do among the slough of things that any one of us could possibly also do just the same as I, the answer is simple, I show up. That is exactly what I do. I show up. Did you miss that? I show up. How you choose to correspond to this is entirely your choice. Insert smiley face here : – )

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Questions? Comments? Anything? I am sure that to finally hear my voice on a big long recording would have to spark up something, so Contact me:

Contact Jeremy M. Dinovo, A.K.A. the Mr. Variety

If there is anything

you think I can do to help, please let me know, OK? I am counting on you to tell me these things, while I am still not yet a mind reader.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: ** the continuation of adequately and reasonably more ** good company, long-term, and continuing to accept beverages and things to eat in exchange for anything reasonable or useful that I can continue to offer. It’s a long story. That is the short version.

If you walk away from this post to remember anything, then just remember:

once you do, then stay for dinner. Always stay for dinner. ; – )

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