DBWORTH – NOV 05 2016 – jeremy ANNOUNCES free music downloads

Latest work: committing to providing free music to service my fans that are or could be the musically poor and indigent — or just bored with what is out there already.

Free music, there I said it, free music that is downloadable posted to my web site for anybody to get for free… oh, they are going to haul me away to jail for that one. Well, nobody you would know, except for me, because it will be my music, but gotcha on that last sentence, didn’t I? Obviously, do not use this for commercial purposes, and unless you are criticizing the piece or using it to be satirical (see Fair Use laws at http://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/ , Referred by https://www.loc.gov/ < — library of Congress) please do not use it, because then there will be likely costly problems as I place my heart and soul into what I do.

I decided to make this into a front-page link and to use a banner that is easy to see and to click on, which openly and clearly invites new or existing audience members of dustybootsworth.com to try and to enjoy listening to entire bodies of the works of Jeremy M. Dinovo and anyone that would like his, or her, or individual’s music posted in kind.

the REASON for this posting is I want my audience to know that I intend to produce some free stuff, as a both a promotional invitation and an enjoyment of my recorded and mastered music works. Though these works will be in an MP3 format and nowhere near the quality that a full master located on a Music CD or Verified purchased downloadable can provide, they are still what I think would act as a fair bridge to newcomers and alreadybeenheres alike to help to connect with the fact that, yes, I am a



Notice, I do have a new Blog posting category titled jeremys free music (click and Save the link if you want to check on it later on, umm, like for free music WHOLE SONGS of course!). And please, if you prefer then see the Updated web page I mention with music banner, by clicking on the Dustybootsworth.com Home link in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

Well I gotta go. Just thought I would jot on this spot before getting back to what I gotta do. I hope it doesn’t suck, as I will not read it for the first time probably until much later.

And if you are still wondering what it is I do among the slough of things that any one of us could possibly also do just the same as I, the answer is simple, I show up. That is exactly what I do. I show up. Did you miss that? I show up. How you choose to correspond to this is entirely your choice. Insert smiley face here : – )

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Questions? Comments? Anything? I am sure that to finally hear my voice on a big long recording would have to spark up something, so Contact me:

Contact Jeremy M. Dinovo, A.K.A. the Mr. Variety

If there is anything

you think I can do to help, please let me know, OK? I am counting on you to tell me these things, while I am still not yet a mind reader.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: ** the continuation of adequately and reasonably more ** good company, long-term, and continuing to accept beverages and things to eat in exchange for anything reasonable or useful that I can continue to offer. It’s a long story. That is the short version.

If you walk away from this post to remember anything, then just remember:

once you do, then stay for dinner. Always stay for dinner. ; – )

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