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Latest work: I tracked (recorded to audio track) my attempt at a likeness to a Michael McDonald vocal performance. Continued, committing to providing free music to service my fans.

Latest work: listen to my music. It is a vocal jam, but then there is more if you click “Continue reading”.

However, if you are not interested in hearing other cool content tracks I included in this post, then Skip Intro and Play the featured music track.

demo of vocal performance likeness, Michael McDonald – vocalist: Jeremy M. Dinovo

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So, Michael McDonald!!! This morning, I took a stab at belting some of his tunes into my recorder, on a chance that it may contain a semblance of his sound alongside of my own sound… Warning, this Audio Track is
a. un-cut, thus parts lack any expected song refinement, and this Audio Track is
b. un-censored … however, I think this would be “office-safe” as it were… so enjoy (click the blue “Continue reading” link)

< — skip this rambling, if you like — >

c. ALSO, please keep in mind, that Mr. Michael McDonald has a few gear and performance criteria differences compared to what I have such as:
1. really expensive microphones that offer a way deeper range and character for extending the shape and tone of the voice
2. certainly preamps, as well as circuits that offer to tone and shape the sound
3. mastering to balance the equalization… and, a plethora of other nice-to-haves… hey, this is a demonstration of vocal likeness, not post-production value likeness!

4. umm, let us see here, he so happens to be Michael McDonald — how much more can I chop myself down with disclaimer, let us see here.
5. More items I am sure no one has the time to consider, at least for today, I am ending this list at 5.

< — skipped to END OF RAMBLING — >

Reminder, my recordings belong to me, author and recordist Jeremy Michael Dinovo, so please obtain express (written or recorded) permission before using any of my intellectual property or overall, my works

the REASON for this posting is I want my audience to enjoy and perchance to relish some ideas from my likeness as a


Sound samples…

< — JAM TO THIS — >

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  1. STREAMING demo of vocal performance likeness, Michael McDonald – vocalist: Jeremy M. Dinovo

In this recorded version, note that the music volume level is not mastered and is in raw file form, which means that perceived loudness will be much louder than a song that would be mixed to control these dynamic volume levels.

Need something to compare this sample of mine to?

Try this for starters…

or just look it up for yourself if you are so uncanny:

YouTube QUERY for Michael McDonald … (< –click LINK to “Look it up!”)

If you feel the need to download these for further review, off of the internet, they

are also in downloadable file form:

  1. DOWNLOADABLE for OFFLINE USE demo of vocal performance likeness, Michael McDonald – vocalist: Jeremy M. Dinovo


1.28 MB, Total Run Time: 2:47 s.

(^ click to play in new window, or Right click this text, and press Save As to download)

Notice, I do have a new Blog posting category titled jeremys free music (click and Save the link if you want to check on it later on, umm, like for free music WHOLE SONGS of course!). And please, if you prefer then see the Updated web page I mention with music banner, by clicking on the Dustybootsworth.com Home link in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

Well I gotta go. Give my tune a listen, willya? And send me a Comment or two via my Contact-Us page — don’t worry, it won’t bite, but I might. I really do read these E-mails!

And give me a call, or a call BACK, please, and I will do my best to SHOW UP at your place, to listen to your needs. Maybe we both have the befitting solution and conversely the same problems or Needs. That is exactly what I am built to do, just for you. I show up. Did you miss that? I show up. How you choose to correspond to this is entirely your choice. Insert smiley face here : – )

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Questions? Comments? Anything? I am sure that to finally hear my voice on a big long recording would have to spark up something, so Contact me:

Contact Jeremy M. Dinovo, A.K.A. the Mr. Variety

If there is anything

you think I can do to help, please let me know, OK? I am counting on you to tell me these things, while I am still not yet a mind reader.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo a.k.a. THE Mr. Variety of the entire internet at large

program director for dustybootsworth.com

Now accepting: ** the continuation of adequately and reasonably more ** good company, long-term, and continuing to accept beverages and things to eat in exchange for anything reasonable or useful that I can continue to offer. It’s a long story. That is the short version.

If you walk away from this post to remember anything, then just remember:

once you do, then stay for dinner. Always stay for dinner. ; – )

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