hi audience that is surprisingly interested in this helpdesk update about audio recording or playback engineering, at least via a Windows operating system computer.

I just now remembered that freaking Windows o.s. has its’ own EQ, after running around my gear with my head cut off, I realized that I used to use this EQ constantly when watching DVD movies or online music that have wildly different equalization. Now, you can FIX that.

Obviously, do not equalize so that your speakers distort either in the bass, mid, or high frequencies… you can tell when your speakers start to become ** indistinct ** and the sound is unintelligible. In speaker language, that means TURN THAT BACK DOWN, GENIUS.

Here is a link-map for how to locate and to rock out with your EQ out on Windows o.s., at least:

Systray icon (speaker) ->

click the speaker that comes up ->

in Playback (tab) click your playback [Device], might be HDMI, might be built-in speaker / HP ->

click Properties ->

in [Device] (window) click “Enhancements” (tab) ->

go down the list and click “Equalizer”

Instant sound modification a la Windows O.S.!

AND… you are welcome. Have fun tweaking those levels that your machine or the delivery system you are using just did not know should be there!

jeremy a.k.a. mr. variety

don’t forget to visit the main web site for more useless junk! I am being facetious

P.S. Wanna have some fun with that EQ? Notice the EQ has a checkbox as its’ on and off switch? Well, make an EQ that is all Bass, or all Mid, or all High only, and then you can click that checkbox on and then off repeatedly to see what pops in and out of your ears… really changes the whole listening experience — with what you already got on you! No added cost of extra gear or anything, and you do not need to listen through a mp3, audio, or video Player that has its’ own EQ, because YOU have your own EQ on Windows built-in!

** there really are a great many of effects in this tiny list of wonder. You can add an entire list of Presets for what is called Reverb or time-based effects. You can also do voice-cancellation, if you want to rehearse a song, but want the vocalist’s voice cut from the recording, so you can hear yourself sing better. Just play around with it!

Contact me for any questions or chit-chat you may want to send my way. I have my “suggestion box” doors always open.

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