hi everyone, I am ** FORTHRIGHTLY ** building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three ‘how’ to Download and how to Play MP3:

it is very standard for most mobile devices or touchscreens, which is to place and to press your finger overtop of the link that says, “click to play, or right-click to download [,]” or something to that tune, then a prompt or a menu should appear.

That prompt or Menu might say, “Save Link [,]” or it may say, “Download [,]” so just pick the one that makes the most sense in order to download and to Play the file later on. I recently posted a 60 MINUTE INTERVIEW, COMEDY, and MUSIC VARIETY SESSION that is 60 MB in size, so very stream-friendly. With that small download, Listen to it on the drive home or to work, or play it while you are relaxing! My content is very enjoyable and full of depth!

Ah, here is a phrase of mine I coined I’ve been wanting to share for a while:

actual eyes actualize actual lies.

If you cut the lies from the equation you have a society of upward mobility in all things actual and ever-present, but unfortunately, dumb is not quite so smart just yet, and I am in no rush, just saying.

by Jeremy M. Dinovo, a.k.a. The mr. variety of the internet at large

program director of dustybootsworth.com

for RSS users, using Firefox click Tools > Subscribe to this Feed and then choose the feed you want to subscribe to. As of today I am trying to format this netcast for best viewing through RSS feed delivery.

P.S. I do realize that I will most certainly make people that are friends, close and distant whom have set beliefs and a fragile stomach into gawkers and groups that hate what I do or what I say, but my goal is to tell the truth in the only way I know in order to help others to laugh and to feel good. I also believe in telling the truth about what you think too, so long as you have clarity of why this truth is being delivered; I deny censorship and only support it in moderation if it means to allow the children of this earth to grow up in a world where it can have a maximally harm free and intelligent upbringing. You and any entity in the world capable can hate the truth all you or it wants to, but it is still going to keep looking everything and everyone in the face while it is stared at by thumb twiddlers that are doing nothing very active about it.

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