Lucky you, Dustybootsworth.com audience member, you get to wale and sway to the strums of this conversation I recently was engaged in with a long-time friend about guitars, Spanish guitar style, the intrigue and passion behind and in front of its’ playing. And to close the chat we went on about what we will do when we are retired rock stars that actually hit the lottery. Not really on that last sentence there. I am just pulling your leg. Hey, pull your guitar out and read this thang!
My friends name:

Eduardo Rosas, El pinpollo83


hey I am just finding some good guitar videos to learn the forms from on YouTube… found this set of helpful lessons … well, this is more of a fun video, but there are less “musical” and more “notated” digestible videos that show actual technique that you can use in more ways than is on the videos.



how are you?


That’s a beautiful song Jeremy!! Thank you for sharing..

I am OK and you? Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAY 31 2017 – ARTICLE MUSIC SHORT-FINGERED GUITARISTS by jeremy”


hi to all fans, or to just people and other nouns that can read that like my comedy audio.

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download this MS Word .doc file and follow steps

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TEASER IS here!!!


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file size: 5 MB, exactly 30 seconds and 0 frames, just like a professional audio commercial should be!

What is a teaser? It is a small and condensed recording to highlight or demonstrate, in abstract the essence of a complete work in a fraction of the time that the work is. A teaser is also known as a “spec spot”, or “demo” that a company did not ** yet ** pay the audio, video, or audio and video production company to produce, but delivers the essential convincing message that the entire work would if played from head to tail (start of audio picture content to end of audio picture content).



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