##mBWORTH – MAR 13 2019 – MP3 VARSES – A SEAN CONNERY ep 01 – by Ivan Schmitzmistikoff AND Jeremy D

I am not sure what to make of this, but ‘A’ MR. CONNERY had called into the phone, and I had to hurry and do a one-mic recording with the speaker phone to catch it all. This ALLEGED MR. CONNERY, as sauced and swearing with the fury of the British, Irish, and Scottish channels… well, OK, I don’t know, but if they were furious, it’s because of — oh heck, just cover your ears and press the play button. Heads up: this may contain disagreeable or objectionable content, so this recording is not for the faint of heart or those that take life too seriously… afterall, Connery has had a long life, or at least THIS Connery has.

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A SEAN CONNERY ep 01 – by Ivan Schmitzmistikoff AND Jeremy D

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Connery and Jeremy discuss the I’m not really sure, it was late, and we both had a great deal on our minds, and maybe some booze. Connery’s assistant, keen and apt to answer for Connery, Ivan Schmitzmistikoff … yes, I literally copied and pasted that, at this hour, well, this guy seems to be carrying Connery through a traumatic time.

Without further adieu [I probably spelled that incorrectly] here is the session! Click the banner to Jam! ** Please note, this is a rough cut, unmixed, unedited, and uncensored, so it may be loud in parts. Just turn your volume half-way up and adjust accordingly — until I get time to polish the track some more! Thank you, and enjoy!

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Play A SEAN CONNERY ep 01 – by Ivan Schmitzmistikoff AND Jeremy D


quality : 320 kbps 16-bit

(very streamable, very nice to the disk space on your tablet, phone, or whatnot)

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