hi audience that is surprisingly interested in this helpdesk update about audio recording or playback engineering, at least via a Windows operating system computer.

I just now remembered that freaking Windows o.s. has its’ own EQ, after running around my gear with my head cut off, I realized that I used to use this EQ constantly when watching DVD movies or online music that have wildly different equalization. Now, you can FIX that.

Obviously, do not equalize so that your speakers distort either in the bass, mid, or high frequencies… you can tell when your speakers start to become ** indistinct ** and the sound is unintelligible. In speaker language, that means TURN THAT BACK DOWN, GENIUS.

Here is a link-map for how to locate and to rock out with your EQ out on Windows o.s., at least:

Systray icon (speaker) ->

click the speaker that comes up -> Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 14 2017 – BUILT-IN EQ ON WINDOWS OS”

DBWORTH – FEB 26 2017 – VIDEO intro to variety sessions – jeremy breaks it down

Latest work: I tracked (recorded to audio and video track) my attempt at an INTRO VIDEO for web site and services. Continued, committing to providing free music to service my fans.


Video INTRO to variety sessions


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So, finally an Intro VIDEO for this web site!!! This evening, I briefed the best intro I could regarding my modus operandi and how it pertains to this web site.
a. un-cut, thus parts lack any expected song refinement, and this Audio Track is
b. un-censored … however, I think this would be “office-safe”, if not just loud as it were… so enjoy (click the blue “Continue reading” link)

** special warning, this is pretty dark visually, but is clear enough — and it is Un-rehearsed, so what you see and hear, for the (your / my / someone else’s money) is what you get **

< — skip this rambling, if you like — >
no needed rambling

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Reminder, my recordings belong to me, author and recordist Jeremy Michael Dinovo, so please obtain express (written or recorded) permission before using any of my intellectual property or overall, my works. Continue reading “DBWORTH – FEB 26 2017 – VIDEO intro to variety sessions – jeremy breaks it down”


Geez, this post almost sucked. It almost did not exist. I almost did not spend the quick two minutes in reality to do what I thought in my mind would take forty-five minutes. I was going to call this post Write Something, or Make Something Appear, which were great titles as springboards for me to state the obvious, but then I sharpened those. I started five minutes ago with nothing, and then thought, ‘Hey I have not written anything here for a while, but I am still paying for the space and I still have readers! I need to write something! Hey! That’s a great idea! Write something! That sounds like a great article!

Don’t get stuck thinking you are not good enough or that your rough draft is too rough. It would be more of a final draft than no Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAY 13 2016 – APPEAR IF BRIEFLY BUT APPEAR”


hi everyone, I am building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three MP3 and video categories:

Variety Sessions, Dustybootsworth lite, and muddyBootsworth.

These are content filters for MP3 and video, moderated by me Jeremy Dinovo, and will separate the content into categories that I deem appropriate for the group. Variety Sessions are completely unfiltered, and warning,  I talk about every topic I can find. Even though I try to be as objective as possible some of the content can be seen as very objectionable and disagreeable with what you consider to be wholesome Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 16 2016 – CATEGORIES ADDED”


‘Very busy with work. But thanks for checking in with me. :)’

The above sentence represents about the most generic form of short and emotionless response I seem to mechanically get from most people that do not plan to write me back and gave no heed to anything I ever said or did, so here is a reflection on this. It will be in block form and not really scholastically organized, because I really did return to a warm home and bed only last night after this true incident and really do need to relax. And also this is for some kind of reading material or content that I recently generated to let audience of dustybootsworth know I still intend to post content with normalcy, with regularity, with Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 12 2016 – OPENING FROZEN DOORS”