Lucky you, Dustybootsworth.com audience member, you get to wale and sway to the strums of this conversation I recently was engaged in with a long-time friend about guitars, Spanish guitar style, the intrigue and passion behind and in front of its’ playing. And to close the chat we went on about what we will do when we are retired rock stars that actually hit the lottery. Not really on that last sentence there. I am just pulling your leg. Hey, pull your guitar out and read this thang!
My friends name:

Eduardo Rosas, El pinpollo83


hey I am just finding some good guitar videos to learn the forms from on YouTube… found this set of helpful lessons … well, this is more of a fun video, but there are less “musical” and more “notated” digestible videos that show actual technique that you can use in more ways than is on the videos.

There are more videos and full discussion I include with my buddy Eduardo el pinpolo 83, so if you click “Continue reading” you can view them, thanks!



how are you?


That’s a beautiful song Jeremy!! Thank you for sharing..

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hi to all fans, or to just people and other nouns that can read that like my comedy audio.

PLAY TEASER  (but click “Continue reading” for more useful Comedy CD content!):

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On this web page you will see a link to Download a ‘how-to’, so that you may Print your own COMEDY CD LABEL for use in a jewel case or DVD case ** FREE to print only if you purchased a comedy CD, or for personal non-commercial use. This file is formatted for MicroSoft Word, but I suppose you could use another word processor like Open Office or what have you:

download this MS Word .doc file and follow steps

Right-click the above and click Save Link As, Save As, or Save.

File size: 118 kb Format: .doc for MicroSoft Word 2007

TEASER IS here!!!

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hi everyone, I am ** FORTHRIGHTLY ** building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three ‘how’ to Download and how to Play MP3:

it is very standard for most mobile devices or touchscreens, which is to place and to press your finger overtop of the link that says, “click to play, or right-click to download [,]” or something to that tune, then a prompt or a menu should appear.

That prompt or Menu might say, “Save Link [,]” or it may say, “Download [,]” so just pick the one that makes the most sense in order to download and to Play the file later on. I recently posted a 60 MINUTE INTERVIEW, COMEDY, and MUSIC VARIETY SESSION that is 60 MB in size, so very stream-friendly. With that small download, Listen to it on the drive home or to work, or play it while you are relaxing! My content is very enjoyable and full of depth!

Ah, here is a phrase of mine I coined I’ve been wanting to share for a while:

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hi audience that is surprisingly interested in this helpdesk update about audio recording or playback engineering, at least via a Windows operating system computer.

I just now remembered that freaking Windows o.s. has its’ own EQ, after running around my gear with my head cut off, I realized that I used to use this EQ constantly when watching DVD movies or online music that have wildly different equalization. Now, you can FIX that.

Obviously, do not equalize so that your speakers distort either in the bass, mid, or high frequencies… you can tell when your speakers start to become ** indistinct ** and the sound is unintelligible. In speaker language, that means TURN THAT BACK DOWN, GENIUS.

Here is a link-map for how to locate and to rock out with your EQ out on Windows o.s., at least:

Systray icon (speaker) ->

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DBWORTH – NOV 03 2016 – balancing holiday and production time

Latest work: taking care of the house, car, and attending dayjob while saving up for the holidays.

I want to apologize for any delay in updating this page with new MP3 or video content. At the moment, I plan on returning to gaming by picking up a new console and game this month. I am still developing relationships with artists while balancing home and work (or to us artists, dayjob) life. I still am doing music, even if offline to bounce ideas into a recorder that may never make Continue reading “DBWORTH – NOV 03 2016 – balancing holiday and production time”


This article discusses and cites video references not about the T.V. show Seinfeld, nor about the character featured in his show also known as The Soup Nazi, and not about anybody that “inspired” the character of The Soup Nazi, but just about a man that based on what I have seen looks like he would be above that, that makes real soup, that I have never met.

First, to everyone that reads my articles while waiting for me to upload audio content, which are maybe like 2 or 3 people really, or maybe I am saying that, so you don’t waste my time by hanging around asking dumb questions you already have the answers to… anyway to you people that are hunkering down on this web site content, I want to apologize for any delay in my posting of anything new to this page. If you knew me in person then you are well aware that I have plenty of life tasks to take care of, you know, the ones where you do not have enough information to comply, but yet, “authority” says that you do Continue reading “DBWORTH – JUL 11 2016 – NO SOUP FOR REALITY VERSUS PERCEPTION”


Geez, this post almost sucked. It almost did not exist. I almost did not spend the quick two minutes in reality to do what I thought in my mind would take forty-five minutes. I was going to call this post Write Something, or Make Something Appear, which were great titles as springboards for me to state the obvious, but then I sharpened those. I started five minutes ago with nothing, and then thought, ‘Hey I have not written anything here for a while, but I am still paying for the space and I still have readers! I need to write something! Hey! That’s a great idea! Write something! That sounds like a great article!

Don’t get stuck thinking you are not good enough or that your rough draft is too rough. It would be more of a final draft than no Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAY 13 2016 – APPEAR IF BRIEFLY BUT APPEAR”


When nothing happens, quite a bit passes you by, because everything is happening and — oh yeah I forgot, ear plugs and gun muffles. Okay, now I can write a bit better.

My goal for this blog is continuity of relevancy. That is a bit to stomach… hmm, I mean to continue to make sense to the senses for the people I used to share quite a bit more sense with, such as the sense of touch, taste, hearing, sight,  smell, and I hear that the sense of hunger is a sense too. I am sure there are other ones, but I have been incredibly disconnected from many of them from many of my friends and family. I have gotten out and enjoyed the company of friends that have the on-going competency (the will and the ability) to have me and enjoyed some neat events, from a distance though.

Home is a funny word. One minute it is where your Christmas tree or your birthday cake is with candles that sparkle your name or your age; and the next it is a bungalow where all of your new-found friends and acquaintances can converge upon to feast and toast what you THINK are your successes; and then the next is some corner of somebody’s house that you were lucky enough to FIT as many belongings that you can take with you Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 27 2016 – THE BIG NOTHING”


So, it is March. What just happened? I lost track since maybe before Thanksgiving. I am rather out of touch with the world itself, but my little world has been filled with audio recording, helping and showing up for others that call me and need my help if it does not break me to do it, I recorded a metal musician recently, have had some successful meetings with artists and musicians and with what I recently termed as screwsicians, which are simply musicians that don’t show up each day they say they are going to. I.e. if one strike of a note is a beat, two beats are a rhythm, and two rhythms are at least a song, and the so-called musician says, ‘Hey meet me at beat number two (!)’ repeatedly, and never shows up at beat number 2, and you are having to always beat the so-called musician’s head in to remind them that beat number 2 is coming up or that they continuously fail to play it, well, that is a screwsician. You are not a musician if you think you are special that you call yourself a musician and yet cannot show up to the gig you say you can honor. It happens more often than you think, so now you have a term, courtesy of Jeremy Dinovo to apply toward this behaviorist, and you are welcome. Screwsicians have a special place in Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 15 2016 – IF SO A WORKING TITLE WORKING TITLE”


“I CAN’T.”

You never TRIED, did you?


You never LEARNED, did you?


You never GREW, did you?


TELL me about it then, so that I can try and learn to grow through your leadership, because I can’t yet…

yep. You have guessed it — original quote by Jeremy Dinovo … just ask. YOU CAN.

but I can’t afford it.

You know the word ford actually means a small stream of water that people cross with their feet or something like that… I have not looked in a while. Doesn’t it remind you of that familiar jingle, “Have you driven a Ford, lately?” Maybe there is a fundamental reason I also have not heard that jingle in quite a while, because if people really thought of what they could afford versus what they are really forking over out of pocket and out of toxic contract, then we might just resume to develop that good ole’ conscience. If you can dip any part of your self in water you can afford Continue reading “DBWORTH – FEB 16 2016 – CANNOT IS CARE NOT”