DBWORTH – SEP 09 2017 – MP3 VARSES – LOGOS COMEDY a false god killed your birthday – by jeremy MRVARIETY

Latest work: thank you for listening to my previous ramblings, and here is more. Continued, committing to providing free variety to service my fans that are or could be the poor and indigent dialogists — or just bored with what is out there already. Probably just bored though.

THE LATEST ( this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, this has curse words, and if you did not read that, this has curse words and you have been warned that this recording is completely free of any curse words whatsoever, it has no curse words, so it is safe for your children and most religious clergy to playback — what are you a moron? I just — eeghhh, just nevermind custom DISCLAIMER brought to you in part by SUBTEXT! For the best in subtext, buy subtext brand subtext! Wow! Isn’t that amazing!? I want two of them! One for the office and three for the insane asylum )

Jeremy Dinovo delivers post-consumer bi-product to be recycled in the airwaves. Enjoy! P.S. I would actually have buyer’s remorse if I had actually received something for my money. I still impatiently await my refund that is due.

** special note: this is a rough version, and
is PURPOSEFULLY UN-EDITED and not mixed, except by the personal control of my own vocal loudness, because this audio is what I recorded and intended for publication. Either way, this audio-only is fun to listen to as all of the levels are safely enough tamed **

Reminder, my recordings belong to me, author and recordist Jeremy Michael Dinovo, so please obtain express (written or recorded) permission before using any of my intellectual property or overall, my works. Continue reading “DBWORTH – SEP 09 2017 – MP3 VARSES – LOGOS COMEDY a false god killed your birthday – by jeremy MRVARIETY”


When nothing happens, quite a bit passes you by, because everything is happening and — oh yeah I forgot, ear plugs and gun muffles. Okay, now I can write a bit better.

My goal for this blog is continuity of relevancy. That is a bit to stomach… hmm, I mean to continue to make sense to the senses for the people I used to share quite a bit more sense with, such as the sense of touch, taste, hearing, sight,  smell, and I hear that the sense of hunger is a sense too. I am sure there are other ones, but I have been incredibly disconnected from many of them from many of my friends and family. I have gotten out and enjoyed the company of friends that have the on-going competency (the will and the ability) to have me and enjoyed some neat events, from a distance though.

Home is a funny word. One minute it is where your Christmas tree or your birthday cake is with candles that sparkle your name or your age; and the next it is a bungalow where all of your new-found friends and acquaintances can converge upon to feast and toast what you THINK are your successes; and then the next is some corner of somebody’s house that you were lucky enough to FIT as many belongings that you can take with you Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 27 2016 – THE BIG NOTHING”


“I CAN’T.”

You never TRIED, did you?


You never LEARNED, did you?


You never GREW, did you?


TELL me about it then, so that I can try and learn to grow through your leadership, because I can’t yet…

yep. You have guessed it — original quote by Jeremy Dinovo … just ask. YOU CAN.

but I can’t afford it.

You know the word ford actually means a small stream of water that people cross with their feet or something like that… I have not looked in a while. Doesn’t it remind you of that familiar jingle, “Have you driven a Ford, lately?” Maybe there is a fundamental reason I also have not heard that jingle in quite a while, because if people really thought of what they could afford versus what they are really forking over out of pocket and out of toxic contract, then we might just resume to develop that good ole’ conscience. If you can dip any part of your self in water you can afford Continue reading “DBWORTH – FEB 16 2016 – CANNOT IS CARE NOT”


hi everyone, I am building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three MP3 and video categories:

Variety Sessions, Dustybootsworth lite, and muddyBootsworth.

These are content filters for MP3 and video, moderated by me Jeremy Dinovo, and will separate the content into categories that I deem appropriate for the group. Variety Sessions are completely unfiltered, and warning,  I talk about every topic I can find. Even though I try to be as objective as possible some of the content can be seen as very objectionable and disagreeable with what you consider to be wholesome Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 16 2016 – CATEGORIES ADDED”