DBWORTH – FEB 25 2017 – part II – jeremy DELIVERS todays free download free

Latest work: I tracked (recorded to audio track) my attempt at a likeness to a Pantera vocal performance. Continued, committing to providing free music to service my fans.

Latest work: listen to my music. It is a vocal jam, but then there is more if you click “Continue reading”.

However, if you are not interested in other cool content tracks I included in this post, then Skip Intro and Play the featured music track.

demo of vocal performance likeness, Pantera – vocalist: Jeremy M. Dinovo

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So, Patrick Lachman of PANTERA for album VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER [I am guessing]!!! This evening, I took a stab at belting some of his tunes into my recorder, on a chance that it may contain a semblance of his sound alongside of my own sound… Warning, this Audio Track is
a. un-cut, thus parts lack any expected song refinement, and this Audio Track is
b. un-censored … however, I think this would be “office-safe”, if not just loud as it were… so enjoy (click the blue “Continue reading” link)

** special warning, this is pretty loud, but is clear — and it is Un-rehearsed, so what you hear is what you get **

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hi everyone, I am building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three MP3 and video categories:

Variety Sessions, Dustybootsworth lite, and muddyBootsworth.

These are content filters for MP3 and video, moderated by me Jeremy Dinovo, and will separate the content into categories that I deem appropriate for the group. Variety Sessions are completely unfiltered, and warning,  I talk about every topic I can find. Even though I try to be as objective as possible some of the content can be seen as very objectionable and disagreeable with what you consider to be wholesome Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 16 2016 – CATEGORIES ADDED”