DBWORTH – APR 21 2017 – AUDIO variety sessions – GhostlyAliens _unreleaseddocuments

Latest work: TWO DAYS AGO — err, nights ago, I tracked (recorded to audio track) my attempt at a new Variety Sessions variety session session session with KANE WILKE! This is COOL! There is MUSIC in here somewheres. Continued, committing to providing free music to service my fans that are or could be the musically poor and indigent — or just bored with what is out there already.

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More variety session video, I briefed the best intro I could regarding my modus operandi and how it pertains to this web site.
a. cut, thus parts ** do not ** lack any expected refinement (mostly), and this Audio Track is
b. un-censored … however, I think this would be “NOT NECESSARILY office-safe”, or just would be ‘moderately so, as this would depend on the image of the office,’ as it were… so enjoy (click the blue “Continue reading” link)

** special warning, none, and is clear enough — and it is Un-rehearsed, so what you hear, for the (your / my / someone else’s money) is what you get **

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no needed rambling

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Reminder, my recordings belong to me, author and recordist Jeremy Michael Dinovo, so please obtain express (written or recorded) permission before using any of my intellectual property or overall, my works.

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