DBWORTH – NOV 05 2016 – jeremy ANNOUNCES free music downloads

Latest work: committing to providing free music to service my fans that are or could be the musically poor and indigent — or just bored with what is out there already.

Free music, there I said it, free music that is downloadable posted to my web site for anybody to get for free… oh, they are going to haul me away to jail for that one. Well, nobody you would know, except for me, because it will be my music, but gotcha on that last sentence, didn’t I? Obviously, do not use this for commercial purposes, and unless you are criticizing the piece or using it to be satirical (see Fair Use laws at http://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/ , Referred by https://www.loc.gov/ < — library of Congress) please do not use it, because then there will be likely costly problems as I place my heart and soul into what I do.

I decided to make this into a front-page link and to use a banner that is easy to see and to click on, which openly and clearly invites new or existing audience members of dustybootsworth.com to try and to enjoy listening to entire bodies of the works of Jeremy M. Dinovo and Continue reading “DBWORTH – NOV 05 2016 – jeremy ANNOUNCES free music downloads”

DBWORTH – OCT 17 2016 – practical audio effects by jeremy

Latest work: dabbling with the famous broadcast technique, the ducking effect

Topic lists just above each filename

This article has one MP3 section: RHETORIC, about a specific issue that I felt needed addressed in the field of AUDIO RECORDING ENGINEERING about unrefined product or service versus refined product or service; and then at the way bottom if you want to read or to skip it there is a section called  TECHNICAL STUFF YOU CAN SKIP.

On with the sounds… Continue reading “DBWORTH – OCT 17 2016 – practical audio effects by jeremy”


Latest work (click to play, or right-click and Save As to download), each file for the most part in sampling rate of 48kHz, and at data transfer rate of 160 kbps, which relates to how long your slow computer takes to download it and the overall sound intelligibility versus the highest quality available:

Topic lists just above each filename

These sound loud, but as the original file I first looked at, look like they are safely at line level (i.e. will not blow or destroy your speakers, which I care about). And if you are wondering, the RT stands for a category of mine I call Rhetorical Triangle… need more info on what that is? These links might help:



Or just use this next line as a lookup on a search engine or ask your friend or something:

rhetorical triangle origin

On with the sounds…

Intro by Matt Welch, editor at large of Reason Magazine


Open response to open ended question Continue reading “DBWORTH – SEP 27 2016 – OUTDATED STATUS QUO”


Latest work (click to play, or right-click and Save As to download):


A music sample you may perk your ears up to, Jeremy on bass guitar with some effects (what the filename describes):


5.79 MB, Total Run Time: 00:31 s. How does that SUSTAIN sound!!!??? Wow!

(click to play, or Right click, and press Save As to download)

A very short comedy sample of something I thought was funny at the time (it is I!, Jeremy!):

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Many have waited for years for me to…

While I write this article, you can check out some tunes I already have posted to the internet. Then once I post the article, in its’ completed form, you will see it here at the same URL anyway. How is that for convenience? so you can click the Continue reading link to see what I have at the moment, if you would please. Continue reading “DBWORTH – JUL 30 2016 – JEREMYS AUDIO DEMOS”


Geez, this post almost sucked. It almost did not exist. I almost did not spend the quick two minutes in reality to do what I thought in my mind would take forty-five minutes. I was going to call this post Write Something, or Make Something Appear, which were great titles as springboards for me to state the obvious, but then I sharpened those. I started five minutes ago with nothing, and then thought, ‘Hey I have not written anything here for a while, but I am still paying for the space and I still have readers! I need to write something! Hey! That’s a great idea! Write something! That sounds like a great article!

Don’t get stuck thinking you are not good enough or that your rough draft is too rough. It would be more of a final draft than no Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAY 13 2016 – APPEAR IF BRIEFLY BUT APPEAR”


Is life still life? Anyone fallen into a trance with the notion that progress of dreams have come to a halt? I think that personal issues or maybe mother nature saying, “uh-uh, I don’t think so,” and hitting the brakes on can sure be a spirit breaker. At the same time this tattered speed of entropy can also unify people and simplify an over-complicated and over-throttled wanna be equation, just waiting to hit the wall and to crash.

If no one has any idea what I am saying here then I have perfectly accomplished my goal. You and your life do not need to make sense to everyone under the sun, and your being here does not require an edited and on-the-clock manuscript, nor does it require that your personality Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 21 2016 – THE SLOW LIFE”


hi everyone, I am building this beast slowly but surely and small part by small part at a time, in between the renown life things.

On this web site you will see three MP3 and video categories:

Variety Sessions, Dustybootsworth lite, and muddyBootsworth.

These are content filters for MP3 and video, moderated by me Jeremy Dinovo, and will separate the content into categories that I deem appropriate for the group. Variety Sessions are completely unfiltered, and warning,  I talk about every topic I can find. Even though I try to be as objective as possible some of the content can be seen as very objectionable and disagreeable with what you consider to be wholesome Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 16 2016 – CATEGORIES ADDED”


‘Very busy with work. But thanks for checking in with me. :)’

The above sentence represents about the most generic form of short and emotionless response I seem to mechanically get from most people that do not plan to write me back and gave no heed to anything I ever said or did, so here is a reflection on this. It will be in block form and not really scholastically organized, because I really did return to a warm home and bed only last night after this true incident and really do need to relax. And also this is for some kind of reading material or content that I recently generated to let audience of dustybootsworth know I still intend to post content with normalcy, with regularity, with Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 12 2016 – OPENING FROZEN DOORS”


Hi everyone,

and thanks for tuning in to dustybootsworth.com your source for martian eggs and tin foil hats. Okay, I just used that, because I know some people think I am a crack pot. Well, if you or someone you know that can read are reading this you are right.

Just want to say thanks for waiting for me to get this blog up, which will be the delivery platform for the moment for variety sessions, for those of you whom do not yet know or failed to read the About section of dustybootsworth.com ( read at the link ). Now I can direct my attention to mastering audio — aside from the hoards of other action items I need to direct my attention to — in order to post some audio interviews and other odds and ends where I roll the dice and hope you are somewhat interested in, with a little bit of research and testing beforehand Continue reading “DBWORTH – JAN 6 2016 – BLOG IS UP”