DBWORTH – APR 26 2019 – MP3 VARSES – ART MUSIC WRITING ep 01 – by AdrienDougere AND Jeremy D

Hi all, I want to apologize for any delay. Hey, so new variety session!!!
ART MUSIC WRITING featuring Adrien Dougere [doo – gjere], a painter, and sometimes musician and writer in Lyon, France (well, Brindas, but we will say Lyon) and Jeremy D a.k.a. Mr. Variety.

music art writing with Adrien Dougere and Jeremy Dinovo


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Adrien [ay (as in hey) – dree – en] and Jeremy discuss the insides of the painter, art, music, life in France, movies, and such famous nineteenth century French fine artists as Gustave Dore to enrich oneself.

Without further adieu [I probably spelled that incorrectly] here is the session! Click the banner to Jam! ** Please note, this is a rough cut, unmixed, unedited, and uncensored, so it may be loud in parts. Just turn your volume half-way up and adjust accordingly — until I get time to polish the track some more! Thank you, and enjoy!

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