When nothing happens, quite a bit passes you by, because everything is happening and — oh yeah I forgot, ear plugs and gun muffles. Okay, now I can write a bit better.

My goal for this blog is continuity of relevancy. That is a bit to stomach… hmm, I mean to continue to make sense to the senses for the people I used to share quite a bit more sense with, such as the sense of touch, taste, hearing, sight,  smell, and I hear that the sense of hunger is a sense too. I am sure there are other ones, but I have been incredibly disconnected from many of them from many of my friends and family. I have gotten out and enjoyed the company of friends that have the on-going competency (the will and the ability) to have me and enjoyed some neat events, from a distance though.

Home is a funny word. One minute it is where your Christmas tree or your birthday cake is with candles that sparkle your name or your age; and the next it is a bungalow where all of your new-found friends and acquaintances can converge upon to feast and toast what you THINK are your successes; and then the next is some corner of somebody’s house that you were lucky enough to FIT as many belongings that you can take with you Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 27 2016 – THE BIG NOTHING”


So, it is March. What just happened? I lost track since maybe before Thanksgiving. I am rather out of touch with the world itself, but my little world has been filled with audio recording, helping and showing up for others that call me and need my help if it does not break me to do it, I recorded a metal musician recently, have had some successful meetings with artists and musicians and with what I recently termed as screwsicians, which are simply musicians that don’t show up each day they say they are going to. I.e. if one strike of a note is a beat, two beats are a rhythm, and two rhythms are at least a song, and the so-called musician says, ‘Hey meet me at beat number two (!)’ repeatedly, and never shows up at beat number 2, and you are having to always beat the so-called musician’s head in to remind them that beat number 2 is coming up or that they continuously fail to play it, well, that is a screwsician. You are not a musician if you think you are special that you call yourself a musician and yet cannot show up to the gig you say you can honor. It happens more often than you think, so now you have a term, courtesy of Jeremy Dinovo to apply toward this behaviorist, and you are welcome. Screwsicians have a special place in Continue reading “DBWORTH – MAR 15 2016 – IF SO A WORKING TITLE WORKING TITLE”